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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Instead, in the midst of the worst health crisis in more than a century, we are experiencing even deadlier roadways.

  • Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

  • The kids were really upset, and there was some looting that was happening in the midst of the marches, and the mayor of Atlanta reached out, wanting Baby to come speak out to tell the kids to calm down.

  • In the midst of emerging multistate lawsuits targeting big tech companies, the FTC announced its own antitrust case against Facebook late last year, pushing for the company to be broken up.

    • They just felt they were in the midst of something novel and important.

    • In the midst of this religious and political turmoil, drug trafficking thrives.

    • In the midst of the clubbiness, there is a heimishe (Yiddish for familiar, old school) quality.

    • In their midst stands a soldier with the Lebanese armed forces in a red beret, sporting an assault rifle and an unblinking stare.

    • In the midst of “literally” shutting down the offices, Kroll talked to The Daily Beast about the final season.

    • One would be in the midst of a lot of actors, and besides, they're really only good for impressing shopgirls.

    • We were in the midst of it, and having a merry time, when the door suddenly opened and Liszt appeared.

    • Above all, he was amazed to hear me talk of a mercenary standing army in the midst of peace and among a free people.

    • His soul was tossed on the billows of a tempestuous ocean, in the midst of which he saw his father perishing.

    • In the midst of accumulated wealth social justice seems as far away as ever.

    • The building, a mosque-like structure of considerable size, was situated in the midst of a grove of mango trees.

      In the midst means in the middle of, surrounded by, among. Midst means the middle, it is a literary or archaic word which is not often seen unless used in the phrase in the midst. Midst comes into the English language in the mid-fifteenth century, from the Middle English word middes.

      In the mist is an eggcorn. An eggcorn is a phrase that is misheard and misinterpreted from an existing phrase. In the mist, used correctly, means existing in a fog. Unless used to express this sentiment, in the mist is an incorrect usage.


      Thane kids get green lessons in the midst of nature (The Times of India)

      It is almost ironic that the pope has visited us while we are in the midst of one of the most divisive times in our history from a political perspective. (The Independent Mail)

      America is in the midst of a bonafide lobster boom. (The Smithsonian Magazine)

      In the midst of a lifetime of discrimination, the Bosnian native and war refugee saw his dreams smashed, but realized he had gained something much more important. (The Midland Daily News)

      Prior to Saturday’s Bishop Heelan Classic, the 6-foot-1 Sergeant Bluff-Luton middle hitter was in the midst of her best volleyball season. (The Sioux City Journal)

      That might seem like an oxymoron, but that is where the banking industry is headed, and locally Regions Bank is in the midst of a massive hi-tech overhaul. (The Memphis Business Journal)

      Metric frontwoman Emily Haines may be in the midst of a European tour, but she’s still finding a way to rock the runway back at home in Toronto. (The Calgary Herald)

      I’d stood there in the mist for a long time, wondering if it was going to be impossible to love, or to be loved, in this life. (The New York Times)

      Before the ruffians, in whose power they were, she bore herself so calmly, and with such an appearance, in the midst of all her terror, of a secret conviction that they dared not harm her, that there was not a man among them but held her in some degree of dread; and more than one believed she had a weapon hidden in her dress, and was prepared to use it.

      She looked round with blank eyes at the dirt and confusion on which the bright afternoon's sun shone dismally; it was all of a piece with the sad confusion of her mind--that confusion which belongs to the first hours of a sudden sorrow, when the poor human soul is like one who has been deposited sleeping among the ruins of a vast city, and wakes up in dreary amazement, not knowing whether it is the growing or the dying day--not knowing why and whence came this illimitable scene of desolation, or why he too finds himself desolate in the midst of it.

      From bomb scares to "be-ins", ashrams, acid trips, and more, Thread for Pearls evokes the highs and lows of an era, as seen through the eyes of a woman in the midst of history's changes.

      The CPG is in the midst of preparations to expand mining activities through the exploitation of new open-pit mines, such as those of Oum Lakcheb (Metlaoui) and Nefta / Tozeur.

      industry is in the midst of hectic preparations for the Auto Expo, Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj on Monday struck a contrarian note saying it is too expensive to participate in the biennial event and creating expensive concepts entails wasteful expenditure.

      In the midst of all this it is quite clear that Pakistani TV clearly supports just two politicians.

      How do we help others understand the courage it took to find hope in the midst of chaos?

      Emmrich took the microphone right after the 25-year-old player's victory at the TopShelf Open in's-Hertogenbosch, Holland, and in the midst of the entire crowd, declared that after spending 10 months with her and looking at her "beautiful Bambi eyes", he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

      Before long, soap fans were also taking the feisty Becky to their hearts, while the soap's bosses were putting her in the midst of the action.

      In the midst of all this, the BBC, possibly the most trusted and respected broadcasting organisation in the world, with a charter obligation to be impartial in its news coverage, admits that it isn't always.

      The Kiwis were unbeaten at home in three years, on a 16-game home win run and in the midst of an 'experimental' team with next year's world Cup in mind.

      Child actor Raphael Katz as Duval's alter-ego Pippo gives a lovely peal in the midst of excellent French thesps playing salt-of-the-earth types who believe in hard work, discipline and the very occasional encouraging word.

      In the midst of Babylonian exile and the devastation of land, community, and family, the prophet commands the people not to remember the "former things," or the "things of old," because God is about to do something new.

      As reason has been documenting, we're in the midst of a "culture boom," of a massive increase in the production and consumption of culture.

      What does it mean in the midst of it all?

      in the middle of; surrounded by. in the course of; during. See full dictionary entry for midst.

      Is it correct to say in the midst of?

      The wordy phrase in the midst of could almost always be shortened to amid, among, during, or in (or, for non-U.S. writers, amidst). In some cases, the phrase could be removed outright. There's nothing strictly incorrect about using in the midst of, though, so use it if you think it sounds better than the alternatives.

      How do you use midst in a sentence?

      The river passes through the midst of the city. a bustling city in the midst of the desert We are in the midst of a terrible war. They were in the midst of remodeling their house.

      What is another word for in the midst of?

      What is another word for in the midst of?.